Mum breaks down as she has HORN that looks like a pork scratching removed

A MUM broke down in tears as Dr Pimple Popper removed a horn from the top of her head.

Lisa, 43,  said the grim growth, which resembled a pork scratching, had been protruding from her scalp for more than a year.

Desperate to be rid of it, she went to see Dr Pimple Popper, fearing the growth could be cancerous.

“It grows every day,” she tells the camera. “It’s painful at times. It has a ring that it grows out of that is very tender.

“It’s a horn, basically. Like a rhinoceros, it’s a hard horn.

“I don’t want anybody to see it, so I wear my hair up and pretty much tuck it under my hair.”

While the horn is painful, it’s the emotional impact it’s had that affected Lisa the most.

“It makes me feel gross,” she admitted. “Who has a horn growing out of their head?”

She was so embarrassed by the horn, she put her wedding plans on hold, having got engaged five years ago.

It grows every day. It’s painful at times. It has a ring that it grows out of that is very tender.
Lisa, 43
“My finance has been asking, ‘when are we going to set a date?’ and I put it off, because I want to look pretty on my wedding day.

“Usually when you get married you’re standing with your back to them.

“It (the horn) is the first thing I think they’re going to see.”

After turning up at Dr Pimple Popper, aka Dr Sandra Lee’s clinic Lisa is relieved to hear she would try to remove the lump.

Breaking down in tears Lisa confessed that she feared the horn is cancer.

But after examining the growth, Dr Lee told Lisa she was going to try and remove it.

Dr Pimple Popper said: “I’ve seen cutaneous horns before, but certainly this is the largest cutaneous horn that I have ever seen.”

After numbing the top of Lisa’s head, Dr Lee wrestled with the horn before pulling it free.

She said: “I’m going to pull on this and see, yeah one big, swift knock from your dog and I think you would have had this thing on the floor.

“I am happy to tell you it looks like we’ve pulled together your skin nicely.”

And to prove how hard it is, Dr Lee’s banged it on a metal dish.