Mum and son, 10, found dead in cave after brother, 5, escapes killer dad

COPS searching for a missing mother and her ten-year-old son have found two bodies inside a secluded cave in Tenerife.

Officers were told the location of the bodies by a sobbing five-year-old boy who had apparently fled the grisly “murder” scene.

The case is under a police secrecy order but the deaths are being treated as “violent” and the woman’s husband, who is also the father of the children, is now in custody.

The young boy – believed to be from the same family – was yesterday found wandering around open countryside, crying, and without an adult.

A large search and rescue mission on sea, land and air had been ongoing since Tuesday, involving more than 100 people.

The two lifeless bodies were found inside the cave in the remote area of Adeje known as La Quinta de Ifonche on the south of the Island.

The boy survivor told police he had been taken to the cave with his mother and brother but “had managed to escape”.

The father was arrested yesterday but according to sources, refused to say where his wife and child were.

All four are German.

The man is thought to have lived in Adeje, which is a popular haunt for Brit tourists, and his family visited for holidays on a regular basis.

The bodies were found near a beauty spot known as the  Barranco el Infierno which used to be a walking location before it was closed to the public.

Local officials say everything is pointing to a case of domestic violence.

There is no indication yet as to how the mother and child died.

The delegate of the Government in the Canary Islands, Juan Salvador León, confirmed today that the five-year-old son had alerted the security forces about the disappearance.

Leon, in statements to journalists, said the boy, who was sobbing for help in German, was found by another person who him took him to a police station.

According to the government delegate, after the information provided by the child, the search began and the father who was in his home was arrested.

Apparently the man has not given any information to the investigators.

The Civil Guard and the Military Emergency Unit, as well as local police, firemen and other emergency bodies, helped by dogs, are combing the area for further clues.