Motorists shocked as they spy a cop crouching in a BUSH with speed camera

A police officer has been caught hiding in a bush by the side of the road in a sneaky ploy to catch speeding cars.

A shocked passenger in a car spotted the camouflaged policeman on a road in Petrie, north of , at about 1pm on Friday, and took pictures. 

The driver of the car later shared them to a local Facebook group as a warning to others using the road.  

The driver, who said the officer was hidden deep within shrubs in the middle of four lane road, wanted to know whether the officer’s tactics were even legal. 

‘Is a copper actually allowed to crouch in the hedges in the middle of the road?’ she wrote.

The woman clarified she was not speeding and had not used her phone behind the wheel as it was her passenger who had taken the pictures of the policeman.

In the photos, taken at differing angles, the officer is seen holding a mobile speed camera.

The bush is at the bottom of a decline, where cars are naturally going to speed up.

‘What happened to being a positive and visual presence on the road? This is poor form for positive community engagement,’ one motorist said about the pictures. 

‘This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen,’ another said.   

‘Wish they would go to that much effort to catch real criminals,’ another person suggested. 

Others debated whether it was common practice for police to hide while enforcing speed limits. 

‘They are allowed I think and should do it more often,’ one person commented. 

‘They’ve done this for years so of course they can,’ wrote another. 

But when Queensland Police were made aware of the pictures by Daily Mail Australia, the officer was removed from the location. 

They confirmed in a statement that the incident will be reviewed.  

‘The Queensland Police Service is aware of photos depicting an officer conducting speed enforcement circulating on social media,’ the statement said.

‘The officer in the photo has been identified and was requested to cease operating from that position immediately.

‘The deployment will be reviewed against the guidelines for the operation of this particular type of device.’

Despite the revelation, some members of the Facebook group were able to make light of the pictures.

‘Is there only a few of us that find this absolutely hilarious? I don’t care about him catching speeding cars… But c’mon this is hilarious… Hiding in bushes!’ one person joked.

‘Hope there was no ants about, could be a bit uncomfortable,’ another said.

According to an April 2019 Queensland Police traffic manual, police officers can justify the use of speed management devices in locations where there has been a history of traffic accidents and incidences of speeding.

There are up to 3,000 mobile speed camera sites throughout the state where mobile and handheld speed devices can be used.

Queensland Police can operate the speed cameras from unmarked or marked vehicles either in plain clothes or uniform at the approved locations, the website says.