Mother posts ‘harrowing’ pics of daughter in hospital after her drink was spiked

A mother has shared harrowing pictures of her daughter after her drink was spiked on a night out in a heartfelt plea to stop it happening to others.

Mileigh Loftus, 22, of Swindon, was on the train home from a night out in Bath last Saturday when she fell gravely ill.

The hairdresser lost control of her body and speech and could not stop vomiting.

She was rushed to hospital where her mother Kelly was convinced she was having a stroke – but now believes her drink was spiked with a form of liquid Ecstasy.

Miss Loftus had to undergo brain scans, blood tests, and was put on a heart monitor and an IV drip for 13 hours to clear the toxin from her body.

Her mother described the incident as ‘the worst moment of my life’ and posted distressing pictures from her daughter’s hospital bed online.

Ms Loftus wants to use the horrific incident to prevent other parents and their children going through the same thing.

She said: ‘It looked as if she was having a stroke.. She was enjoying her night like everyone else until someone targeted her.

‘They have done more than just ruin her night. It could have ended so much worse. To know that someone has done this to my child is terrifying.

‘To watch their victim suffer and become immobile so they can have control is absolutely spineless.’

Her daughter said: ‘I knew straight away I wasn’t right and just kept saying to myself ‘why can’t I control my body?’.

‘I couldn’t stop crying because I had no control. It was the worst moment of my life.

‘Why would someone want to see me in this state, whether it was for fun or to even harm me?’

She added: ‘If something was to have happened I would have had no control and that’s the upsetting part of it all.’

In a furious Facebook post she continued: ‘It’s 2018 and you would think none would ever want to harm another human being! … well that’s a lie a big lie in fact!

‘Last night something beyond terrifying happened to me that I will never wish upon anyone!

‘Last night a Saturday night I went to bath to enjoy a few cocktails with friends and family.. the first half of the night I remember and then I went to revolution I remember drinking 2 cocktails and then I remember ordering another drink but that’s when it happened I don’t remember paying for that drink I don’t remember anyone behind the bar giving it to me.

‘And then at that point I had no control over my body! I was SPIKED!

‘And I do not remember a single thing part from coming home and police surrounding me on the train helping me while I was non stop throwing up, I was then put into an ambulance to which I got worse and they said they have never seen a drug react this way to anybody!

‘My speech my hands mouth and legs were no longer doing what I wanted them to do and that broke me to show people that I was embarrassed for people to think I did this to myself when some low life got the joy of it!

‘Never in my life did I think this would happen to me. My trust in people will never be the same the person that’s done this will not get away with it.

‘I cannot thank the hospital enough and the police for everything but most importantly everyone that was with me last night.’

British Transport Police helped her and made sure an ambulance was in Swindon when the train arrived.

She is still recovering from the effects of the ordeal, but her mother Kelly said: ‘Mileigh has been extremely lucky. I pray this hasn’t caused any ongoing problems for her.

‘You hear about people’s drinks being spiked and the terrible outcome that follows but you never think it will happen to you or a loved one.’

Her mother also thanked their friends and the emergency services, as well as the woman who helped keep her daughter calm and safe.

She added: ‘What she did will always be remembered and I can’t thank her enough.’

The incident is being dealt with by Avon & Somerset Police, but Wiltshire Police assisted and visited Mileigh in hospital.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: ‘We were contacted by BTP reporting that a 22-year-old woman had been taken to hospital due to suspicion that her drink had been spiked.’