Morbidly obese 24st woman’s care bill soars costing tax payers £111,000

A MORBIDLY obese mum has told of her misery as her care bill — paid for by the taxpayer — rockets to £111,000.

Lynn Smith, 56, ballooned to 24st by scoffing four packets of Mr Kipling cakes a day along with biscuits, chocolate, jelly babies and crisps.

She has lost 4st as she prepares for a £15,000 NHS gastric band op next month. Lynn already has a £15,000 wet room, £2,000 mobility scooter, £1,000 special bed and daily visits from carers to wash and dress her.

Hip, knee and teeth ops, medication and other weight-related needs make her bill greater than the annual cost of the world’s former fattest man, Paul Mason.

Paul, 58, from Ipswich, who hit 70st, will cost £108,000 a year after he flew back from the US last week. Mum-of-three and former healthcare assistant Lynn, of Jaywick, Essex, said she started comfort-eating after twisting her ankle in 2012.

She said: “I’d eat all day and night. I was so depressed. People don’t know what it’s like.”