Man gets engaged to woman who pushed him in front of a tram

A woman who pushed a man into the path of a tram is now engaged to him, a court has heard.

Gillian Bond appeared before a judge for pushing John Dolan onto a Metrolink line in central Manchester moments before a tram pulled in.

She was arrested in May but since then Mr Dolan has visited her in prison where he popped the question while she was on remand.

The day before Bond pushed him onto the tracks, Mr Dolan had ended their relationship saying they should just be friends.

They agreed to meet on April 9 in the city centre at 11.30am and Bond was already drunk. They continued drinking together but her behaviour and demeanour deteriorated.

At 6pm Dlan decided to go home and went to catch a tram, telling Bond he didn’t want her at his flat because of the way she was behaving.

She reacted angrily, grabbing hold of him before pushing him with significant force. At around 6pm, Dolan decided to go home and made his way to Victoria station to catch a tram.

When the pair arrived at the station, Mr Dolan told Bond he didn’t want her back at his flat because of the way she was behaving.

That sparked a row on the Metrolink platform, the court heard. Bond grabbed hold of Mr Dolan before ‘swinging him round’ to face her. The court heard she them pushed him ‘with significant force’.

Witnesses waved at the tram driver to stop while others helped him back onto the platform.

One of his wrists was broken in the incident while the other was sprained and he suffered cuts and bruises. Bond pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm on the day her trial was due to start.

The court was told Mr Dolan didn’t support the prosecution ‘in any way’ and had refused all attempts to get him to court to give evidence.

Mr Dolan bought Bond a ring while she was on remand at Styal Prison in Cheshire earlier this year.

Kirstin Beswick, defending, said the couple were ‘looking forward to the future’.

She said that period in custody was also a ‘major wake up call’ for Bond, who is getting help for heroin addiction, which blighted her earlier life.

Bond has an ‘appalling’ criminal record a judge said, with convictions for harassment.

Judge Suzanne Goddard QC said: ‘This was an extremely serious offence. You were affected by alcohol. He [Mr Dolan] decided to go home, and you followed him and harangued him, something you have a record for.

‘It seems to me you swung him round and you pushed. He fell a number of yards onto the rails.

‘You are fortunate that tram was not any further forward because, as I’m sure you realise, you could Mr Dolan could have suffered much more serious harm and you could now be facing much more serious charges.’

Judge Goddard said the incident was so serious only a jail term was appropriate, but she said given the progress Bond has made tackling her addiction, she would take the ‘exceptional’ decision to suspend sentence.

Bond was handed a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for for two years. She will supervised by Probation Service officials during that time.