Lisa Armstrong attacks Ant McPartlin’s lover online AGAIN

LISA Armstrong has attacked Ant McPartlin’s girlfriend Anne-Marie Corbett again by agreeing that she broke “girl code”.

The make-up artist took to Twitter to like a tweet slamming her former PA, just hours after The Sun revealed she had been hit with a legal warning demanding she stops slamming her on line.

The tweet, which referred to the fact Lisa and Anne-Marie were friends, read: “The healthy thing to do is separate.

“The unhealthy thing to do is to start shacking up with your wife’s friend. That’s not ok in any circumstances. Major girl code breach.”

Over the weekend 42-year-old continued to make her feelings clear on social media as she acknowledged fans who encouraged her to keep “defending” herself.

One tweet she liked read: “@lisaAmakeup Don’t sign the NDA!! They will assassinate your character daily and you will have no voice to defend yourself. I hate how they are treating you.”

Another said: “@lisaAmakeup what have I just read?You can’t have a voice or an opinion now! It’s called freedom of speech and on social media this is allowed. If they don’t like the topic then they shouldn’t have created the topic! You made yourselves look bad not anyone else.U have been fab.”

The Sun broke the news that Lisa had been sent a legal warning after liking tweets accusing her ex husband’s new girlfriend Anne-Marie Corbett of being a backstabber.

Lawyers said Anne-Marie was distressed by the attacks, which branded her a “gold digger”, “backstabber” and “second best”.

Lisa, who Ant divorced at the High Court last week, is said to be furious at the legal warning, which orders her to stop “liking” and retweeting critical comments.

She blames the TV star for being behind it as relations between the trio hit an all-time low.

A source said last night: “It’s getting increasingly bitter.

“After everything Lisa has been through she feels so angry and hurt.

“Lisa was at a very low point earlier in the summer when she realised their marriage was over and felt betrayed when Ant admitted he was in a relationship with Anne-Marie, who she thought was her friend.

“She was inundated with supportive comments on social media.

“She liked some posts but she didn’t expect a legal warning.

“Lisa feels Ant must have been behind the warning, or at least have knowledge of it, and feels very let down by him.”