Ian Huntley shows no remorse in letter to daughter explaining why he killed Holly and Jessica

Samantha Brydan only discovered the child murderer was her biological father when she saw a picture of him online and recognised her mum.

Ian Huntley has been branded an “evil monster” by  his daughter after he wrote to her from prison explaining why he killed Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

Samantha Brydan, who was a tot when he murdered the pals in 2002, revealed she only discovered he was her biological father when she was 17 and saw a picture of him online and recognised her mum.

A year later she felt ready to confront the truth and was handed a box containing newspaper clippings of the horrific story, Grimbsy Live reports.

Samantha, now 20, told Really TV’s Killer in My Family: “By that stage I knew. My mum told me she had a box with everything in it and she would show me when I was ready.

“I waited for the time I was ready to see them.  I didn’t ask much about Ian because I didn’t want to upset mum or my adopted dad.”

The Soham killer murdered young Holly and Jessica in 2002, sparking one of the biggest manhunts the country has ever seen.

Samantha later wrote to him in a bid to find out why he murdered the two schoolgirls.

Huntley, who is serving a life sentence, replied to her in 2017, writing: “I have given an awful lot of thought… about how best to respond, and what, if anything.

“I should say I realise I can’t just say no and expect you to accept that.

“Firstly I truly don’t relish the idea of discussing or you listening to the details of what was unimaginably the most horrendous day of my life.

“Furthermore, I can promise that even if you I did, you wouldn’t feel any better for it. Nor would you feel any closer to understanding. Fifteen years on, I still don’t understand what the hell went wrong that day.”

In the documentary, which airs on Thursday, Samantha explains: “I feel like because of who I am that people think I am like him. I would definitely say he is evil. And I would definitely say he is a monster.”

Samantha decided to go through the box of clippings on her own and said she “could not stop crying”.

She said: “It told me what supposedly happened that night to Holly and Jessica.”

She added: “Thinking back I can’t say there was anything that upset me more than the other. It was all very hard to read.

“I didn’t want people knowing who my biological father was because I knew certain people would know who he was.

“I wanted it to be something I would keep to myself,” she added.

Huntley murdered the 10-year-olds after luring them to his home, and then he cut off their clothes and dumped their bodies in a ditch before burning their remains in a truly harrowing crime.

The pair were at a family barbecue in their Cambridgeshire village before they went missing on August 4, 2002.

The vile killer gave TV interviews during the two week search for the girls, even joining in on searches during the appeal, while asking his then-girlfriend Maxine Carr to provide a false alibi.

But he was finally jailed for life in 2005, with the judge condemning his “merciless cynicism” and “cruelty” to the girls and their families.