Horror as bird slams into woman’s head during 70mph roller coaster ride

A YOUNG roller coaster rider got the shock of her life after a bird crashed into her head while travelling at 70mph.

Paige, from Australia, was at the Warner Bros. Movie World in Queensland with her uncle, Mitch Harvey when she collided with the creature.

The pair were on the DC Rivals Hypercoaster, which hits speeds up to 70mph and is one of the longest and fastest hyper coasters in the southern hemisphere.

In a video taken of the ride, Paige at first enjoys the ride as she screams along with her uncle.

She can be mouthing obscenities while terrified by the ride as Mitch laughs next to her.

Suddenly a large white bird, though to be an ibis, slams into her head.

Paige covers her face as the bird ricochets off the ride behind her.

She also seems to be without any serious injuries, later smiling and laughing on the ride.

Posted by her mum Nicole Ormiston, she wrote on Facebook: “Paige just got hit by an ibis while riding front seat on the DC rival hyper coaster with uncle Mitch @movieworldaus.

“She had feathers on her and a beak scratch on her right shoulder.”

She continues to make some hilarious faces during the rest of the ride

She added: “She’s completely shocked, a little bruised but ok not sure about the bird?”

The video has been shared hundreds of times since on Facebook, with users conflicted about whether they would find it funny or terrifying.

Valerie Stone wrote: “Scary, that’s why I don’t do amusement park rides.”

However, Diane McPhee commented: “This was absolutely awesome … loved it .. and one that your daughter will remember for life!”