Horrified woman finds huge spider the size of a SAUCEPAN in her living room

A TERRIFIED woman has told how she returned home to find an enormous huntsman spider the size of a saucepan in her living room.

Laree Clarke found the spider lurking on her ceiling in Townsville, Australia, and turned to social media in a plea for help.

She begged other Facebook users: “Is there anyone that could remove this from my house?? I don’t have a container that big!”

Laree added: “When I went near it with the phone light it came at me raising it fangs and legs. Hell nahhhh!”

One fellow arachnophobe suggested: “It’s probably easier to burn your house down at this point.”

Another urged her to “kill it with fire” whole a third said: “Just burn the house down and run.”

And one jokingly suggested she should ask the colossal spider to “pay rent”.

Laree later updated her post saying the spider was removed safely and released.

Huntsman spiders are renowned for their enormous size, with males able to reach a leg span of between 10 and 12 inches.

In one recent news story, a huntsman was seen dragging a dead mouse up the side of a fridge in Australia.

And this month, a Huntsman spider was caught on camera tucking into a possum on the wall of a terrified couple’s hotel room.

The creatures are known to invade people’s homes in Australia looking for food and shelter but are not dangerous to humans.

Photos of another huntsman took the internet by storm in 2016, after the critter was found on a farm in Queensland, Australia.

And a monster spider the size of a dinner plate made news in 2017 after going on the loose in a terrified couple’s home in Queensland.