Heatwave to return to Britain as Asian super-storm to send temperatures soaring well into September

A WEEK of downpours and flood warnings is set to come to an end today, as the rain clouds move away to be replaced by sunny skies and warm temperatures.

The Met Office predicts a far brighter start to the day today after a number of weather warnings for storms and flooding this week.

And an Asian super-storm is set to send temperatures soaring well into September. 

Forecaster Luke Miall said: “You’ll be pleased to hear there’s a bit more sunshine for a brighter start for many of us.”

He added that a ridge of high-pressure building overnight will leave today “feeling a little bit more like summer”.

The warmest parts of the country will be in the South East, where temperatures will hit 23C in places.

Luke went on: “We’ll see the best of the sunshine throughout the morning.

“Notably it’s not as cold as it has been over the last few mornings as we run through the day.”

But there will still be some showers in the north of the country, with a few “on the heavy side,” Luke explained.

Unfortunately for some, the mini-heatwave won’t last long, with Friday bringing with it more wet and windy weather.

Luke said: “The winds will be strong and we’ll see some further spells of rain.

“Much more unsettled towards the end of the night and some quite heavy rain pushing in.”

He added: “If you’ve got travel plans do take care and stay abreast of the forecast.”

But other parts will see temperatures in the late teens and early twenties, bringing to an end an August of record rainfall.

This month looks set to be the wettest August on record, with almost three weeks of rain falling in a couple of hours in areas of the Midlands earlier this week.

It comes after July’s heatwave made it a record hot month, as temperatures soared to 38.5C in places.

The Met Office says a typhoon currently sitting over Asia is pushing a high-pressure system towards the UK, sending up temperatures.

Its long-range forecast also suggests the next few weeks could be more settled, with warm conditions expected at the end of August and into September.