Gatwick Airport incident – Cops block entrance to north terminal

ARMED police have been called in after an unattended bag was found at Gatwick Airport today.

The entrance to the North Terminal at the airport was blocked off as part of the response – sparking concerns from passengers on their way to catch flights.

A Gatwick Airport spokesperson said: “Access to the main entrance of the Gatwick train station and the inter-terminal shuttle is temporarily suspended while Police respond to an unattended bag.

“Gatwick staff are currently directing passengers to an alternative train station entrance and providing coach transport between terminals.”

A photograph of the scene shows large panels put up in front of the north terminal entrance.

One witness wrote on social media: “Entrance to North Terminal at #Gatwick airport is blocked because of a security incident. Armed police present”

A number of passengers have already flagged concerns on social media, saying that buses were now being used after the terminal shuttle was suspended.

One person wrote: “Gatwick Airport is your shuttle train running between South and North Terminals at the moment?

“Huge queue of people waiting to board and sign is saying next train in 4 mins, but it hasn’t moved for the last 10! Anxious about missing my flight. Please can you advise?”

She later added: “On the move. Fingers crossed! Gate closes in 14 mins”.

Another said: “what’s the hold up with the terminal shuttles? Way too many people waiting to get to North. “4 minute” wait for the past 10 mins”

More to follow…