‘Don’t do it’ Public warned NOT to ram moped thieves or face JAIL

British drivers are being urged not to get involved with police officers that are trying to apprehend a criminal on a moped.

Recently specially trained police officers were given permission to use “tactical contact” to stop a criminal on a moped in their tracks.

The reason officers have been allowed to use this technique is to reduce the number of crimes being committed on mopeds.

Moped crime is on the rise in the UK with thousands of reports of snatch and grabs among other offences every year.

The initiative has been backed by Prime Minister Theresa May who said that a “robust” response from the police was needed to these crimes.

“I think it is absolutely right,” she said.

“These people on these mopeds are acting unlawfully and committing crimes and I think it’s absolutely right that we see a robust police response to that.”

A police officer is currently under criminal investigation for knocking a suspect off a moped.

The suspect was injured as a result of the incident and the police officer could be penalised as a result.

Police officers are now urging civilians not to get involved and try and help a police officer pursuing a suspected criminal on a moped

Motorists can be penalised for dangerous driving and face prosecution for intervening with the police.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said “The Met does not support activities by individuals or groups who target suspected criminals.

“This type of action could jeopardise the individual or interfere with the Met’s policing the situation.

“Our advice to anyone in such a situation is to contact police as soon as possible so they can respond as soon as possible.”