‘Disgusting!’ Mum kicked out of sports day for helping 6 year old daughter

A MOTHER was ordered to leave a school sports day event – for assisting her daughter who suffers with cerebral palsy.

Lynn Harrison and her six-year-old daughter Tammy were attending the event at Jeavons Wood Primary School in Cambourne, Cambridgeshire. As she watched her daughter join in the sporting fun, Ms Harrison decided to help her Tammy out by lifting her out of her wheelchair buggy and carrying her between her legs. She did so in order to help her child have more fun and to feel included in the sporting events, after doing the same thing the year before. The doting mother thought there would be no issue with her kind-hearted actions.

But she was mortified when staff at the school told her there were “child protection issues” and a heightened risk of “insurance problems”.

Speaking of her ordeal Ms Harrison said: “When I got to the school they said to me I can’t help Tammy.

“They told me I couldn’t help her because of insurance and child protection, so obviously I wondered and asked how she was going to take part.

“Last year she was able to come out of the buggy and walk with me carrying her.

“When she does that, she feels like she’s joining in and she enjoys it more.

“It also gives her more exercise which is really good for her.

“But they told me [if she was to take part] her one-to-one teaching assistant would have to push her around in her wheelchair buggy.”

Ms Harrison was then told Tammy’s one-to-one teaching assistant would push her in the buggy during the race – but the proud mother wasn’t standing for it.

She continued: “I went and sat with the parents and even they thought it was disgusting.

“I said no I will take her out and help her do it. She is my daughter and she needs my help.

“All the other children were taking part and she wasn’t. They said no due to child protection.”

Ms Harrison now believes the pair were discriminated against, adding: “I was asked to leave school premises by a member of staff.

“She kept asking but I said no I’m not leaving I’m staying here and helping my daughter.”

Not long after the traumatising incident, Ms Harrison was called into school when they were short staffed to help her daughter.

Tammy’s mother said: ‘A couple of weeks ago they called me in at lunchtime to take her to the toilet.

“They did that because they didn’t have enough trained staff to do it.

“During sports day I made a point and said to the teachers “it’s ok for me to do that but now it isn’t ok for me to help out.

“This is down to discrimination. I simply don’t get it if she is able to do sports day with my help then what’s the problem.”

The cerebral palsy illness refers to impaired muscle co-ordination and causes permanent movement disorders including poor coordination, stiff muscles, weak muscles, and tremors.