Diane Abbott blames Sajid Javid for baby’s death – ‘callous and inhumane’

LABOUR MP Diane Abbott has blamed Sajid Javid for the death of Shamima Begum’s baby yesterday, after the Home Secretary stripped the ISIS bride of her British citizenship.

Begum’s baby, Jarrah, died after suffering from a lung infection. Mr Javid revoked the 19-year-old’s citizenship after she asked to be able to return to the UK after fleeing East London to join the terror group in 2015. The Shadow Home Secretary slammed Mr Javid for Jarrah’s death, calling actions “callous and inhumane”.

She said on Twitter: “It is against international law to make someone stateless, and now an innocent child has died as a result of a British woman being stripped of her citizenship. This is callous and inhumane.”

Mr Javid’s decision to revoke Begum’s citizenship sparked a national debate over whether or not she should be brought back to the UK.

Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis defended the Home Secretary’s decision this morning on BBC Radio 4 Today programme saying Mr Javid’s priority is to keep Britons safe.

He said: “The loss of any life of any child is absolutely tragic and is a very clear reminder – this whole case – of the danger of travelling out to that area and getting involved.

“The Home Secretary will have had advice and I know he made a decision based on what is in the national interest and the security of people here in the UK.

“There is no question that the duty of a home secretary in this country is to keep British people safe.”

Many on Twitter were quick to blast the Labour MP and call for her resignation for appearing to blame the Government for Jarrah’s death.

Matt Glossop wrote: “The death of a child is unthinkably tragic in any circumstances.

“To use it to make a political point is inexcusable. Resign!”

Dave Jones said: “And the two of her other children that died? Were their deaths the fault of the UK also? 

“You’re in no position to claim the child’s death was due to the actions of the UK Government. Your ignorance is astonishing for someone so “senior” in the labour party.”

Another user added: “It’s not Britain’s fault the children died as sad as it is it’s the mother’s responsibility for choosing her path. To turn a baby’s death into political point scoring now that’s callous and inhumane.”

A Government spokesman said: “The death of any child is tragic and deeply distressing for the family.

“The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has consistently advised against travel to Syria since April 2011.

“The Government will continue to do whatever we can to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and travelling to dangerous conflict zones.”

Begum gave birth to her third child at a refugee camp last month after fleeing ISIS before reportedly being moved to a detention camp’s hospital in northern Syria “under armed escort” on Thursday.

Begum reportedly fled the Al-Hol refugee camp last week with Jarrah after receiving death threats from other Jihadi brides.