Countdown fans in hysterics as Rachel Riley spells out VERY rude insult on the board

COUNTDOWN fans were left open-mouthed by today’s answer to the letter game – because you are absolutely not going to find it in any dictionary.

An extraordinary set of circumstances led to an embarassed-looking Rachel Riley assembling the words CUM BUDGIE on the famous board.

The two contestants had been tasked with finding a word out of the letters U, B, C, E, D, M, I, U and G.

But while they both got sixes with IMBUED, Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner offered BUDGIE. And unfortunately, that still left the letters CUM on the top row.

While host Nick Hewer ignored the fact he had a rude word staring him in the face, like the old pro he is, the same wasn’t true for Rachel Riley.

The 32-year-old tweeted, “Anyone in need of a new creative insult, @C4Countdown is at your service! Come on, we all know one…” followed by a laughing face emoji.

Naturally, fans were delighted, with one tweeting, “Outstanding, chaps.”

Of course, Countdown is no stranger to rude words appearing on the board.

Over the years, PORN, BUMHOLE, VAGINAS, ASSWIPE, FARTED, ERECTION, PHALLUS, ORGASMED and GOBS**** have all made appearances.

And to that hallowed list we can now add the immortal CUM BUDGIE.