Climate protesters play dead with their children in Waitrose

Protesters from Extinction Rebellion have taken over a Waitrose to stage a mass ‘die-in’.

The climate change rebels lay on the ground pretending to be dead to sound the alarm about the need to protect our planet.

Dozens of them, including parents with their children, filled the aisles as other shoppers tip-toe around them to reach the supermarket shelves.

Comedian Ryan Hand was shopping in the Waitrose in King’s Cross this afternoon and filmed the protesters as he tried to buy a cucumber.

‘Had to carefully navigate through the fruit and veg aisle to get my cucumber like lol,’ he wrote on Twitter.

The protesters said the ‘die-in’ represents the ‘death toll that will come from global food shortages’.

They wrote: ‘Our government is failing to act on climate change.

‘And this means it is failing to act to protect us from the threat of food shortages.

‘Right now, everything looks fine. The supermarket shelves are stacked. We have more choice, and more abundance, of exotic world foods, than we could ever imagine.

‘And if the strawberries are sold out, not to worry, there’ll be more on the shelves tomorrow. But this is an illusion, and we need to wake up!’

It was quite possibly the most spectacular climate stunt to date, a woman has glued her breasts to the road outside the Goldman Sachs offices yesterday.

The eco-protester was spotted by passengers on a bus lying face down with her top up to her neck.

Several police officers surrounded her and put up screens as they began the ‘ungluing’ process.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) demonstrators temporarily blockaded the London Stock Exchange by gluing themselves across entrances to the trading hub in the City of London early on Thursday morning.