Celtic fans slammed after ‘Shove your poppy up your f***ing arse’ chant video exposed online

The crass chant were heard as the Hoops cruised to victory over Dundee at Dens Park last night.

Celtic fans have been slammed on social media after an anti-poppy chant was heard at their match against Dundee last night.

Fans could be heard singing ‘You can shove your f***ing poppy up you a**e” as their team strolled to a 5-0 win at Dens Park.

After a video posted on Twitter, one user hit out: “Their own players fought in WW1and I bet many of their ancestors did as well. The irony.”

Another said: “Disgusting, no doubt also disrespecting their own ancestors who fought bravely so they could have ‘freedom’ to sing what they like.”

Celtic fans have hit the headlines in recent years over the poppy issue.

Members of the Green Brigade held up a banner in 2010 in a match against Aberdeen protesting against a ‘bloodstained poppy on our hoops’.

The supporters’ group claimed the poppy had been tarnished by British military action in Iraq, Afghanistan and Ireland.

The club apologised against “the actions of this small minority” who, they said, “have no place at Celtic Park”.

More than 50 contracted and former Celtic players fought in World War I, seven of whom died. William Angus was awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery in battle.

However in recent years, Celtic fans have railed against what some have called the increased politicisation of the poppy. Many of the club’s fans come from Northern Ireland, where Remembrance Sunday can be seen by some as belonging to the Unionist tradition.

Republic of Ireland star James McLean once again reiterated his opposition to wearing the poppy, while respecting others right to do so.

The Derry-born Celtic diehard grew up on the city’s Creggan estate, the same place that was home to six of the 28 unarmed civilians shot by British soldiers on Bloody Sunday in 1972 after a peaceful protest.