Cat famous for roaming Tesco killed in hit and run

The notorious Basil the Tesco cat has died after being hit by a car while out roaming near the supermarket.

The famous tabby cat who lives in the town of Ramsey near Huntingdon was run over and killed on Tuesday afternoon.

Basil is hugely loved by the local community who regularly post pictures of sightings on the Basil the Tesco cat Facebook page.

Basil’s owner Kevin Day said: ‘I am overwhelmed and amazed how a cat can bring so many loving caring beautiful people together.

‘Thanks for all your messages he will be missed so very very much he was special RIP my boy.’

The Basil the Tesco Cat Facebook page paid tribute yesterday saying: ‘The whole of Basil’s family would like to send a million thanks for all of your beautiful, kind messages and the tales of Basil you have sent us since yesterday.

‘We know that you will understand that we must first put our special little man to rest and have a little time to grieve and allow it all to sink in.

‘We are truly overwhelmed that this little fluffy fella had such a positive impact in the town for adults and children alike.

‘What a great testament to him that he left such a huge paw print of love and affection between the people of our community and that is such wonderful legacy for all to see.’

They added that Basil also had followers far and wide in the UK and around the world who will miss him.