Cadbury announces plans for a full-sized OREO Creme Egg

It might still be months away, but Cadbury has already started thinking about its new offerings for Easter.

The chocolate giant revealed it is bringing full-size Oreo Creme Eggs to the UK for the first time after fans went wild over the miniature versions last year.

The full-sized eggs, which will cost 58p each, are already on sale in and will arrive in British shops in January, giving customers plenty of time to pick them up.

Last year Twitter was sent into a frenzy after news spread that Cadbury had released Oreo mini eggs and they fast became a favourite Easter treat.

The Oreo Creme Egg come in the same thick chocolate egg casing as the original Creme Eggs, but are filled with the signature Oreo white filling and biscuit chunks.

The new eggs are 175 calories a pop, which is two less than the regular Creme Egg, which contains 177.

They also contain less sugar, with 16g in the new treat compared to 26.5g in the original.

But the Oreo Creme Eggs are 58p – 8p more expensive than the regular Creme Egg.

The Oreo Creme Eggs are a limited edition release and will only be on sale from January until Easter Sunday, which is April 21 next year.

Aislinn Campbell, brand Manager at Cadbury, said: ‘We are constantly listening to what our customers want and we know fans went wild last year when they heard about the Oreo Egg.

‘So for Easter 2019, we are bringing this to the UK and we cannot wait for everyone to try it.’

Cadbury started selling white Creme Eggs last Easter as part of a nationwide Easter Egg hunt.

Only 350 to 400 of the limited edition eggs were available and were hidden in normal Creme Egg wrappers

Whoever found the eggs won up to £2,000, a move which saw shoppers unwrapping and then discarding Creme Eggs in stores in an attempt to find the white ones.