British man in hospital for two weeks with a painful erection that won’t go down

Danny Polaris initially put off seeking help and went to a Pride festival with a wine cooler wrapped around his erect penis – but the condition almost killed him

A British jazz singer has been in hospital with a painful and life-threatening erection for two weeks after a late night hook-up went badly wrong.

Danny Polaris’ erection hasn’t gone down since he injected an unprescribed erection enhancing drug into his penis before having sex – and was told there was a possibility of amputation.

He wondered “what could possibly go wrong” but now admits it was “one of the worst decisions of my life” and he wakes up crying in his hospital bed fearing his penis has permanent damage.

Medics have tried pushing a 7in plastic nail down his urethra without anaesthetic and jabbing needles into his penis to withdraw blood, but those excruciating methods haven’t helped.

Mr Polaris, who is gay, had initially put off seeking medical help and instead went to Berlin Pride with a wine cooler wrapped around his erect penis the next day.