Britain’s biggest family slams Prince Harry’s suggestion he is protecting the environment by only having 2 kids

The father of Britain’s largest family has slammed Prince Harry for saying he only wants to have two children in a bid to protect the environment.

The claims he and Meghan want to limit the size of their family to help reduce their carbon footprint. 

But The Radfords, of Morecambe, Lancashire, say their 21 children are a joy and suggested Harry’s green intentions do not tally up with his royal lifestyle.

Noel Radford, 48, told Good Morning Britain: ‘Fair enough if he only wants the two. Not everyone wants a big family like us, do they.

‘But I think if he’s using the excuse of saving the planet, he’s flying around in private jets and he’s got his big entourage following him around everywhere. 

‘He’s got his big luxury home that’s heated and has lighting everywhere.’  

The Sussexes are known for their glamorous trips. In February, Meghan travelled by private jet for a five-night trip to New York, where she was thrown a lavish baby shower by her closest friends in a $75,000-a-night penthouse.

One return flight from London to New York generates more CO2 than citizens of some countries produce in a year, according to German nonprofit Atmosfair. 

By not having a child, the carbon footprint of someone living in a developed country would be reduced on average by an extra 58.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, based on emission rates in 2017. 

British charity Population Matters, of which Sir David Attenborough is the patron, is one of the leading campaigners on population control and has urged parents to ‘Stop at Two’.  

A history of the Radford family 

December 24, 1970: Noel Radford was born

March 22, 1975:  Sue Radford was born

1982: The couple met for the first time when Sue was seven 

1989: They welcomed their first child Chris

1993 The couple got married, and their second child Sophie was born. Children followed in quick succession ever since.

August 2012: Their first grandchild was born after Sophie gave birth to Daisy 

July 2014 Son Alfie was stillborn

October 2014: Sophie gave birth to her second child, Ayprll

August 2015: Sophie married Joe Broadley  

December 2015: Sophie gave birth to her third child Leo Thomas

June 2017:  First child Chris welcomes a daughter, Maisie 

November 2018: Sue gives birth to her 21st baby 

Asked why they opted for such a big family, Sue Radford, 44, told presenters: ‘We just love the chaos of it all, the laughter, the playing.’ 

The Radfords got back from a holiday in Holland last week, which meant packing seven suitcases and going through customs 21 times.

Mrs Radford said: ‘We do go on planes, but it’s a logistical nightmare.

‘When you go through customs with passports and then you’re sat on the plane counting 21 heads.’

During the school holidays the family have to fork out at least £150 every time they want to go out to dinner.

They only claim child benefit and have to rely on father Noel’s bakery business to make ends meet, even with a minimum spend of £350 for a weekly food shop. 

Mrs Radford says washing duties are non-stop’ with 18kg of clothes being washed every day of the week and the family go through 16 pints of milk and three loaves of bread a day.  

The couple first shot to fame in 2008, when it emerged the baker and his wife were set to have a ‘baker’s dozen’ of children, 13.

Since then, Mrs Radford has given birth to eight more – ranging from eldest Chris, 30, to youngest Bonnie, 18 months.