Bride accuses wedding guest of trying to be difficult after odd meal request

Organising a wedding where you have to accommodate the dietary needs of lots of people can be a challenge – but it is important.

If you want everyone to enjoy the day, it’s essential to make sure you don’t feed guests anything that could make them poorly or that’s against their morals.

Now, a bride has kicked off a fiery debate on Mumsnet after a guest asked for a ‘no carb’ meal at her nuptials, sparking debate on whether this is a legitimate request.

On the thread entitled “Guest dietary request: no carbs”, the user wrote: “I’m getting married and I’ve just received this through that a guest wants no carbs,” MailOnline reported.

She continued: “Our wedding dinner is practically carbs, especially the cake as desert (sic). Even the buffet is all hot dog, pizza, chips, sausage rolls.”

The bride wondered whether this is an acceptable request to go to caterers with or whether the guest should just make do, adding: “Am I being unreasonable not to tell the caterer to provide something different?

“What could I even ask them to provide, would they even listen? As it’s not like being a veggie? No carbs is just being difficult surely?”.

The post received replies from people with strong views on the matter.

Lots of people thought the guest’s preference shouldn’t constitute a dietary requirement, slamming it as ‘stupid’ and ‘ridiculous’.

One wrote: “‘That’s a diet request not a dietary one ffs. Ridiculous”.

Another said: “Seriously, this is so rude, bring a box of carrot sticks and cucumber if you don’t want to get stuck into the buffet.

“A request like that can be safely ignored.”

Others criticised the bride for the ‘dull’ menu she’s offering at the menu.

One said: “To be honest the buffet does sound a bit stodgy and dull. Are there no salads or chicken pieces or anything lighter?”

Others thought it was unfair of the bride to criticise the guest, as there might be a genuine reason she wants a carb-free dinner, with one writing: “It’s possible your guest has a medical condition that is improved by a low carb diet. Maybe you could ask them what would be a suitable lunch- sausages and coleslaw would maybe fit with your theme”.