Brexit supporters got up at 6am to replace EU flags with 34 Union flags

A group of Brexiteers descended on Parliament Square in the early hours to replace all the EU flags left overnight with 34 Union flags.

David Ireland, 41, and three others, arrived at around 6am on Thursday with the custom made flags to start a flag war before the Remainers got there.

They set up all 34 flags around the cameras outside parliament.

The Remain campaigners arrived at 7.30am, and began placing their flags around the Union flags.

Ireland said: ‘People turn on the TV and see this entire wall covered in EU flags, some people want to be in the EU but there’s also some people who don’t want to be in the EU, so we’ve come along and done our flags.

‘What the Remain voters do is shun all the Leave campaigners into the irrelevant middle ground and dominate the TV space.

‘The narrative was this is the EU zone, we own this, but it seemed a little bit one-sided.’

Asked if he would do the same tomorrow, he added: ‘I’ve got a job, I can’t do this all the time like they do.’

This comes after MPs voted on a series of indicative votes with the aim to find a solution that could get a majority.

However, in the end, they rejected every kind of Brexit – including no Brexit at all.

Tomorrow marks the official date that the UK was supposed to leave the EU.