Boy age 3 gets stuck in claw machine trying to get a teddy

A CHEEKY toddler got trapped inside an arcade toy-grabbing machine after climbing in to get a teddy bear.

Three-year-old Noah clambered inside the claw machine after his mum Natalie Draper, 37, took him to an indoor play centre in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

Mum-of-three Natalie joked Noah should have asked her for money to get a teddy, and admitted the family can’t stop laughing.

She said: “I had taken his brother, Joel, to the toilet and left Noah playing with his friend for a matter of minutes.

But when I came back, a lady grabbed me and asked if ‘that was my child in there’ – to which I replied ‘in where?’”

She added: “As soon as she said ‘the machine’ I rushed over to take a look and could see Noah had climbed into the crane and got himself stuck!”

The machine was operated by a third-party company, so the indoor play centre didn’t have keys to unlock it.

It took ten minutes to break three padlocks on the machine and rescue little Noah.

The tot was reunited with his mum, who was finally able to laugh at his escapades.

But Natalie admitted it was the “most terrifying 10 minutes” of her life.

She added: “Thankfully the team got him out within ten minutes, and now that I know he is safe and unharmed, I can’t stop laughing at what happened.

“But he came out completely unscathed, thankfully, and an ‘out of order’ sign was placed on the machine.

“All he wanted was a teddy bear – if he’d asked me for the money I would have got one for him, he didn’t need to go to such extreme lengths!”