Bad news for X Factor boyband Vibe 5 just days before first live show

X FACTOR boyband Vibe 5 have been forced to change their name just days before the first live show.

The five piece – which consists of Elliot Horne, Jack Tisdale, Jon Guelas, Blaise Duncan and Kieran Harrison – were formed after initially auditioning as solo artists.

They chose the name Vibe 5, but they will now be known as United Vibe when they take to the stage on Saturday night.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Elliot, 18, said: “We’re now called United Vibe, we were called Vibe 5 and it feels really good. “We’re united, we’re one unit, we’re a team. It’s exciting.”

Jon, also 18, added: “Initially I think it was more legal reasons but then as a group we came up with the idea of having United Vibe, so United obviously meaning being one and Vibe because we all want to give off a vibe.

But Jack, 17, said they wanted to keep Vibe in the name because of their fans.

He explained: “We wanted to keep the word Vibe as well because a lot of fan accounts have been set up as ‘Vibers’ and then they wouldn’t have a name for themselves so we wanted them to keep it.”

The group will be mentored by judge Robbie Williams, who has plenty of experience of being in a band thanks to his years with Take That.

The boys are loving their time with the 44-year-old, and his encouragement as they continue to develop as a five-piece.

Jon said: “When he first saw us perform he said we were five good singers that were just singing together but now he sees us as a fully formed boyband.

“It’s such a positive thing and he said he can see the chemistry when we’re singing and when we’re not singing so we’ve just taken that on board and carry on doing us.

Elliot added: “He said you can tell when chemistry is fake and forced, when people stand next to each other and they don’t really like each other.

“But we genuinely like each other, we all love each other and it just works.”