BABY hurt after thugs shot at house in Birmingham

A father-of-two was beaten to death after telling drug dealers to stop selling outside his home and a baby has been hurt after thugs shot at a house in another day of violence in Wild West Britain- while statistics today reveal the murder rate has skyrocketed in the UK by 14 per cent.

Bus driver Ian Tomlin, 46, is the 113th victim of murder in the capital after being brutally battered at the block of flats in Battersea, south London where he lived.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, shortly after his assailants fled following the attack yesterday afternoon.

Shocked witnesses said there was ‘blood everywhere’ and claimed ex-boxer Ian may also have been stabbed in the neck.

It comes as Office for National Statistics report shows the murder rate in the UK has soared by 14 per cent from 630 last year to 719 this year.

And other violent crimes such as those involving a knife have also risen to 39,332 offences, the highest since 2011.

Speaking at the scene in Battersea, south London, Ian’s grieving father Cecil Tomlin, 84, said his son shared his fears over people dealing drugs outside his ground floor flat two months ago.

Great-grandfather and dad-of-seven Cecil, who lives nearby, said he believed drug dealers had killed his son.

He said: ‘He has been afraid of them.

‘He don’t smoke and they were selling drugs outside his house.

‘He said ‘Don’t sell here!’ He said ‘Don’t come here and sell drugs because I can’t stand the scent of it’.

‘He said ‘no you don’t come in’.

‘He used to do boxing. He was a very good father.’I know he was a good man, he was very good, he was very kind to everybody. Everybody likes him.

‘The Government needs to do something because they are very bad men.’

London is at the centre of fears of rising levels of violence, after the number of killings in the capital topped 100 this summer.

Statistics released today show the number of homicides nationwide is up from 630 to 719, with overall recorded crime up by almost 10%.

The number of offences registered as involving a knife or sharp instrument, 39,332, was the highest since 2011, when comparable records started.

The data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) also showed jumps in the numbers of recorded robberies (up 22%), sexual offences (up 18%), vehicle-related theft (up 7%) and burglaries (2%).

The 46-year-old was described as the ‘loveliest, kindest guy’ by a neighbour in his estate today.

The woman wished not to be named over fear of reprisals from his killers but added: ‘He was a devoted dad.

‘Ian was very against the drug dealers right where he was murdered on that first floor landing and especially the antisocial behaviour when he had his children with him – noise up to four of five in the morning.

‘The police haven’t been able to tackle the rise of drugs on this estate.

‘I’m absolutely terrified. He was a young, strong really lovely black guy who was the nicest kindest person and he was really muscular.

‘You could tell he was a boxer. If they can kill him they can kill anyone.

‘I believe it was five people – it would have taken five, it’s just terrifying.’

The neighbour said Ian lived alone in his flat for at least ten years.

His partner and two children moved away but are now living in an upstairs flat within the block.

Another parent who lives in the block with his children, said: ‘You do see people in this block and other blocks sat down and police had been notified.

‘I have seen other drugs taken here and not cannabis.

‘They have been hiding out on the stairwells and doing it and my son used to hate taking the lift and coming down the stairs because they, again you would see somebody doing the stairs.’

London recorded its 100 murder in September, with even long-serving Met detectives shocked by the volume of violent crime and ferocity of some attacks in the capital this year.

A breakdown of the London killings released today shows 55 happened in public places and 22 are believed to be gang-related. Forty of those killed were aged under 25.

Of the grim total, 64 of the deaths were caused by stabbings, 10 were shootings and 18 were violent assaults. A breakdown of the victims shows 43 were described as Afro Carribean, while 36 were white.

Meanwhile, Britain’s second biggest city, Birmingham, has seen gun crime rates rise above those of London.

Police cordons remain at the scene today.

No arrests have been made and murder cops continue to appeal for witnesses.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ‘Police have launched a murder investigation after a man died following an assault in Battersea.

‘Officers were called at 5.30pm on Wednesday to reports of a group of males fighting at Charlotte Despard Avenue.

‘Police attended along with paramedics and London’s Air Ambulance.

‘At the scene a 46-year-old man was found with injuries after having been assaulted.

‘He was pronounced dead at the scene at 6.15pm. Next of kin have been informed and a post-mortem will be scheduled in due course.’

He added: ‘All other suspects had fled the scene prior to police arrival.‘