Aldi scam offers fake £85 vouchers and steals personal details

A new Aldi scam sees fraudsters spamming people with links to fake shopping vouchers that allow hackers to steal personal information.

The vouchers offer shoppers £85 off their next shop if they fill in an online form which asks for personal information including someone’s name, address and date of birth.

Links are spread through WhatsApp or on Facebook by victims who fall for the offer and click on the link – inadvertently spamming friends and contacts.

Aldi has confirmed that the voucher’s are not real and said it has launched an investigation.

It warned people not to give out any personal information that could be used by hackers.

‘It is a fraudulent offer that cannot be redeemed in our stores, and we strongly advise that you do not complete any personal details,’ a spokesman said.

One customer shared a picture on Twitter of three messages with fraudulent links that had come from her grandmother via WhatsApp.

Ella, who lives in Edinburgh, said her gran told her: ‘Don’t do anything it’s a scam.’

It is believed the scams are linked to ‘like farming’, which involves scammers setting up Facebook pages posing as a company to get more likes on posts.

This increases the value of the pages so that they can be sold on the black market to other scammers or used to market dubious products and services and distribute further scams.

People who like pages are open to being targeted with malicious malware which can be used to steal personal information.

It happened recently with a Facebook page which claimed to be affiliated with Centre Parcs which was offering free holidays – but turned out to be totally fake.