Aldi relaunches GIN flavoured ice lollies – just in time for bank holiday

With another bank holiday weekend creeping up on us, why not celebrate with some tasty ice lollies?

And when the frozen treats are loaded with alcohol, how could you possibly say no?

Supermarket giant Aldi has relaunched its classic gin-flavoured ice lollies – and they sound refreshing.

As well as the classic Gin & Tonic, the store has introduced new Pink Gin and Passion Fruit flavours too.

Shoppers can pick up a pack of four for just £2.99, which is only 75p a lolly.

The lollies are available in stores nationwide, so all you have to do is use Aldi’s store locator to find your nearest branch.

But as these treats are alcoholic, you will still need to provide proof that you’re over 18 to buy them.

Aldi’s lollies are all 4.5% ABV – similar to most beers and ciders – although gin is typically more than 37.5% ABV.

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And the Gin & Tonic flavour is only 55 calories, while the Pink Gin is 79 calories and the Passion Fruit is 80 calories.

The boozy lollies have been a favourite with customers since they were launched back in 2017.

Just last week, Aldi released three incredible gins for this summer.

There’s the crisp and tart Raspberry & Elderflower Gin Liqueur (£9.99) and the unique Blackcurrant & Liquorice Gin (£19.99).

Not forgetting the refreshingly summery Rhubarb Gin, which is only £19.99 from the supermarket.

And the retailer also launched square sausages to make breakfast time even easier.

The patty-shaped pork has been designed to fit perfectly into sandwiches.

But you’ll have to be quick as the flat sausages are only available for a limited time only.